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Question: What are 10 Reasons to Choose a Rescue Dog for My Family?
Those of us who volunteer in rescue all have at least one rescue dog, and we know what terrific pets they can be!  Here are some reasons to consider a rescue dog, rather than buying a puppy, if you are ready to add a dog to your family.
1.       There are many dogs that need loving homes!
2.       Fewer initial vet bills!
3.       All of our Rescue Dogs have already seen a vet and been fully vaccinated!
4.       All of our Rescue Dogs have been spayed or neutered!
5.       Many Rescue Dogs have already been crate trained!
6.       Many Rescue Dogs have had some other forms of training!
7.       All of our Rescued Dogs have had an evaluation by someone, this provides information on their disposition and needs, and this will help you find the best fit for your family!
8.       The bond between your family and a Rescue Dog is strong. Rescued Dogs are eager to please!
9.       What you see is what you get – many Rescued Dogs are older and either fully grown or close to the point where they are not going to grow much more!
10.   You can be a part of the solution for pet overpopulation!!!!