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Trinity becomes Gael Byron
Posted: 09/07/2010


I asked the Byron family to write an article about adopting our rescue girl Trinity for our end of the year newsletter, but I just could NOT wait until then to send this story.  The Bryons adopted Trinity from us back in late July after she was in our rescue for over 1 year and in the home of her foster mom Laura Turner for 7 months.  Trinity was a bag of bones when we took her in, FIDO got her healthy, her foster mom Laura gave her a great baseline of training and nuturing and her new parents are providing her with a life where she can flourish to become all the dog she can be!


I wanted to highlight this story especially b/c the Byron family has a devotion for a breed of dog that is terribly misunderstood.  Their dedication to this breed of dog makes them a very special family to our rescue and people for which all of us should have  a great respect for based on their commitment to being strong leaders and providing structure and training for their dogs.   


Enjoy this adoption story and great photos! 


Parenting a Rescue Dog Named Gael.pdf