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FIDO may not be a Sanctuary.....
Posted: 08/31/2011

......But we do provide pallative "comfort" care to those dogs who need it!

A recent example of this is a Boxer we rescued from our local pound we named Victus......meaning to Overcome in Latin, but better known as Vicki.  Vicki clearly had been used as a breeding machine and at our vets was estimated to be 10 years old.  She was treated for a condition called Pyrometra (a diseased uterus) which could have killed her and we also were told she has cancer. 

She did not appear in pain and is such a sweet natured girl that we found a foster home to take her in and let her live out the rest of her time in comfort and with love.

FIDO does not have a facility and does not have the means to run a Sanctuary but we  do our best to provide care to dogs like Vicki so she can know love, care and kindness which she was deprived of for so many years before we found her.

We need funding to help dogs like Vicki.  PLEASE MAKE A SECURE PAYPAL DONATION ON OUR WEBSITE!