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From Parvo puppy to Living Life!
Posted: 07/26/2012

I can’t express the anguish a rescuer feels when he or she sees or knows of an animal in distress.  The story of Flash Gordon was so typical in that regard…..either we “FIDO” step in or this baby dies without a chance at life. 

Thank GOD for our gracious and generous donors who believe in our cause b/c without all of them helping a dog like Flash would have been an impossibility.


Flash Gordon was adopted by one of FIDO’s past adopters.  The Rothenbergs are an amazing family who took in our scared and unsocialized Viszla mix Macy (now Cleo) and gave her a life most dogs will never get the pleasure of knowing. 


Now Flash Gordon gets that same life.  These photos say it all… eyes fill up in tears viewing these.  I can find peace and serenity in these moments…….knowing my team has done a great job at saving a life and that we been the liaison of providing this once deathly ill puppy with a family who will commit to him forever and he will never go a day without the love and attention he so deserves.


All the heartache, all the worrying, all the stress……I WILL continue our mission and take on the physical and mental turmoil I put myself thru taking on cases like Flash Gordon any day with an ending like this.

Michelle Reichlin