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FIDO's Wishful Thinking - Dog Hit by Car Saved
Posted: 04/04/2013

FIDO Friends,

We found out about another hardship case today at our local dog pound.   A sweet Dal mix hit by a car.  Despite her condition she is happy and will stand on her own.  But our volunteer had to carry her into his van.


I could not let her sit on the cold concrete floor another day in this condition so I sent my dad to get her today.  She is at our Ortho Vet in Cleveland.  Dr. Kane indicated multiple fractures based on her X-rays.  2 of the fractures can be fixed and set with plates and screws.  These both are compromising her right back end currently.  One is a fracture at the intersection of her pelvis and spine and one is behind her right hip.


This dog’s name is now Wishful.  She was named after my thoughts following the deep breath and sigh I took when I decided to take her in saying to myself “Is it wishful thinking that I am going to find someone to pay this bill?” J


She will be going thru surgery tomorrow.  She is only 2-3 years old and without surgery the quality of her life would be significantly diminished with limited mobility.  BUT Surgery alone will cost our rescue approx. 2,700.00 with our discount.


If you can help us pay for Wishful’s bill we would certainly appreciate anything you can do.  NO AMOUNT is TOO SMALL.

You can donate in 1 of 3 ways:

1.    Call Anna or Lucy at West Park Animal Hospital at 216-252-4500 and make a credit card donation on our account.

2.   Make a check payable to FIDO and mail to PO Box 518, Avon  44011

3.   Make a secure Paypal donation on our homepage at


Thank you all for your continued support.  We could not help these hard cases like we do without YOU!