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Thank you Elite K911 Dog Training
Posted: 08/13/2013

Words sometimes cannot describe the anger you feel as a rescuer towards humanity when you rescue these abused, abandoned, neglect dogs.

But as I told my Board of Directors recently, the good in people does out way the bad. 


And a really simple but meaningful example of this is our friends at Elite K911 Dog Training in N. Ridgevielle – Chuck Stella and Deni Mitchell and their team. 


They insisted on donating $1,000.00 to our rescue this week to help us with dogs that we take in from the pound and dogs like Mary Jane who require extensive medical intervention.  Mary Jane was taken in as a stray by FIDO and given full vet care which included removing 4 teeth and cleaning her horribly infected mouth.  She was then turned over to Ziggy’s rescue to place but the day they got her she fell very ill.  She came back to FIDO and has been at our vets on IV’s for days and given supportive care to stop her vomiting and to restore he blood cell count.  Her original $500.00 vet bill turned into $1,000.00 before I knew it.  Mary Jane is finally off IV’s as of today and ate some food J


Elite K911 Dog Training SAVED THE DAY!  And to top this all off Chuck and Deni run their own rescue – Rescue K911 and still set aside money to help us.  For this we at FIDO are TRULY GRATEFUL.  Beyond the financial support, Chuck is always just a phone call away for me.  He goes to the pound and evaluates dogs for us and other rescues for free, he goes and picks up strays for me in not the nicest areas of our County, he offers free training class to anyone who adopts a dog from the Lorain County Pound.


Thank you CHUCK for helping me see the GOOD in people…..and in YOU, I see the BIGGEST OF HEARTS and the GOOD in Humanity!