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Vinnie - Our Special Needs Boy
Posted: 09/15/2009

FIDO rescued Vinnie from a local dog pound in July.  He was an owner turn in with not much information given.  Thru some research we ended up finding out he came from a breeder who used him as a stud.  He is 5 years old, but appears to have been dumped in the pound because he had a congenital heart condition.   


After we discovered he had a heart murmur, we ended up taking him  to the Great Lakes Vet Clinic who had a cardiologist specialist that our regular rescue vet referred us to.  Unfortunately after they did the Eco and EKG they found Vinnie does have a congenital heart defect that has developed to being moderately severe.  It is called Subaortic Stenosis and he has a condition called Ventricular Premature Contraction.  We were told these defects can cause these dogs to faint while exerting themselves while running or playing.  And we now understand this condition can cause sudden death where they pass with no warning.


After finding out all of this FIDO still felt Vinnie should have a chance to live out his life comfortably so he is now on the recommended medication that only costs $4.00 per month from Giant Eagle.  Vinnie deserves a home to live out the rest of his years.  He is a totally laid back dog but he does prefer to be the only dog in the household. He is wonderful with kids and all people.  He is currently in foster care.  He loves taking walks, standing around in their pond and lounging on the deck with his foster mom.  He is totally low maintenance!


Please consider giving this great dog a home for the remainder of his years.  He is totally deserving of this. Even if his life is taken too soon because of his heart condition, the love you will get from him will be a lifetime's worth!