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Posted: 07/22/2010

OPENING YOUR HOME TO A SENIOR DOG IS ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE......AND THE LOVE IN RETURN IS BEYOND WORDS......... Nick is a senior black lab we are caring for. He was at our local pound and we just could not let him die in there during the overcrowding of the Holiday season. Nick came alive in his foster home with the Robbin family. He loves playing ball and craves affection from everyone. He is a gentle soul who makes everyone around him feel like a kid again with his fun loving spirit.

His foster mom reports that he may be on skin allergy medication, he may eat the tomatoes out of your garden and bring you zucchini in his mouth........ will beg to eat all the time due to the prednisone, sit on your lap and cry during thunderstorms, follow you around the house, lay at your feet, kiss you in the morning, kiss you when you get home, lay his head on your shoulder while sitting side by side, beg for head rubs, and love you to death......but he will be loyal to the end.

Please don’t forget about the seniors when you are looking for another pet. They truly are the most gracious and appreciative animals. You may not have them for many years, but the time you do get with them will be the most rewarding and special because they will not let you ever forget that you are LOVED!