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Foster Application
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Code Of Ethics - Fostered Animal Care
  • I will house rescue animals in my care under sanitary conditions, provide appropriate food, clean water, and shelter for all animals in my care

  • I will arrange for veterinary care for fostered animals through Fidos Companion's President or Vice President

  • I will maintain detailed medical records of all veterinary care administered to each animal under my care and will turn these records over to both the adopter and to Fido's upon the animal's adoption or request

  • I will make every effort to thoroughly temperament test each animal in my care and will exercise good judgement to assure its suitability for placement

  • I will fully, honestly, and accurately disclose, in writing, any and all known health and temperament information about each rescue animal to Fido's and the adopting family

  • I will provide courteous followup advice and assistance to adopters.

Foster Volunteer General Conduct
  1. As a volunteer with Fido's, I will at all times conduct myself in a helpful, courteous, and honest manner such that my behavior brings credit to the image of Fido's and animal rescue in general

  2. I will abide by all written contracts 

  3. I will return phone calls and reply to emails in a timely manner.  If I'm unable to respond promptly, I will make alternate arrangements to have calls/emails handled by another contact person.

I agree to abide by these abbreviated Fido's Companion Rescue, Inc Code of Ethics and understand that failure to adhere to these policies will be grounds for immediate termination for the working relationship with the group.

By affixing your signature below, you indicate that the information given above is valid to the best of your knowledge.  It confirms your understanding, and the understanding of all residents of your household, of the risks inherent in fostering a rescue dog.  Most dogs handled through the rescue come to us anonymously.  We may not be aware of, or have knowledge of, nor do we make any representation in regard to any pre-existing health, temperament, or behavior conditions.  You willingly and knowingly agree to volunteer as a foster home for Fido's and agree to release and hold harmless their Board of Directors or any of their affiliates, and agree not to make a claim against them for any matters, now or in the future, which arise out of your services as a volunteer foster home.

It shall be understood that applications for fostering an animal through Fido's Companion Rescue are subject to acceptance based on the above review process that may require verifying information from the evaluation, including vet and/or personal reference check, and possibly a home visit.  There might be times when requests for fostering will be denied for various reason(s). This is left to the discretion of Fido's officers after reviewing the above information.  Fido's reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued animal in its care into a foster or adoptive home.  There is absolutely no guarantee made, or implied, that any person, or persons, requesting to adopt or foster an animal being fostered through Fido's, or posted on Fido's website, will be granted an adoption or approved as a foster home. 

Thanks for applying!

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