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About Fido's Companion Rescue Inc.

In early 2003, the founder started her search for another Springer Spaniel to add to their family. She found a springer rescue named Cooper adopted him. 

Michelle couldn’t get the rescue dogs out of her head and decided to volunteer for ESRA.  She started doing transports and that is where she met her first foster dog, Brittany, on her way into Ohio from a Michigan Kill Pound.  She was a senior….so quiet and sweet, but her health was terrible- Michelle adopted her too.


Michelle felt rescuing, fostering, and transporting wasn’t enough especially with all the mixed breed dogs in high kill pounds that  purebred rescues can’t take in.


In Feb of 2005, Michelle rescued her first terrier mix, Gracie and so Fidos began.


With each day and each dog, Michelle has met so many good people who give selflessly to care for these animals.  She have also been lucky enough to find volunteers to do the work with her.  Rescue work is not a one person operation.  It takes many dedicated hands to put the pieces together and to give each dog what they need to be rehabilitated and rehomed.


FIDO's Companion Inc. is non-profit 501(c)3 dog rescue organization made up of volunteers who perform vital functions in the process of rescuing animals. Operating out of Lorain County Ohio, we rescue dogs from the streets in our county and County Dog Pound and ill/injured dogs coming into our vet clinic from Cuyahoga County.  We also rescue dogs from many other rural shelters all over the state of  Ohio and rural KY before they are put to sleep.

We also assist with taking in homeless stray dogs and funding the spay/neuter of homeless dogs and cats for other independent local rescuers and vet clinics and work to rehome them. 


We help fund the spay/neuter of dogs that low income owners cannot afford.

FIDO's Companion Rescue strives to find new adoptive families willing to make a lifetime commitment and be a lifetime companion for each dog we rescue.  Moreover, we have a special interest in senior dogs and have a long term palliative care foster based-program committed to these dogs living out their senior years in comfort.  

Our focus is on the QUALITY of life we provide to one canine companion at a time. FIDO's believes that the value of our work is not in the quantity of animals we save, but in the quality of the new life we provide to them. 

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